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Wabi Sabi Tea Mug

  |   Origin: Seattle

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About This Tea Mug

An exclusive local Seattle Artisans' team Ceremony x Key To Teas collaboration.  Wabi sabi 侘寂 is a traditional Japanese term for aesthetics, centered on the acceptance of imperfection.  This mug with handle refers to wabi sabi in its simplicity. No mug is alike, each representing its own beauty.  The perfect, huggable tea mug to make and enjoy amazing tea lattes!

Available in a linen finish (subtly matte exterior & interior) Recommended for purchase as a pair. 

Read more about this trio of artisans here: About Ceremony

Small Mug Dimensions:  4" | 10cm width x 2" | 5cm height Capacity: 8 oz | 1 cup 

Large Mug Dimensions:  4.25" | 10.8cm width x 2.5" | 6.3cm height Capacity:  14 oz | 1.75 cups



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