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Artisanal Matcha Ceremony Set

  |   Origin: Seattle and Japan

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Seattle and Japan
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20% Off Retail Value | $98.85
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About This Artisanal Ceremony Set

This is an exclusive celebratory gift set for Matcha connoisseurs, lovers and drinkers who appreciate the experience of taking a moment out of their day to froth a chartreuse elixir full of flavor and ritual.  

The chawan or tea bowl is designed and hand-made by a Seattle based local studio Ceremony to brew our ceremonial grade organic Matcha.

The tea cloth is hand-sewn by a Seattle based refugee & immigrant non-profit organization for Key To Teas.  

With heart and spirit, this Matcha Gift Set is very limited in quantity and cannot be found anywhere else than here.  

Gift Set includes: 1 Ceremonial Grade Matcha Sai 40g Tin | 1 Ceremony Linen White Chawan | 1 Matcha Whisk | 1 Matcha Whisk Stand (Celadon) | 1 RAI Tea Cloth Mat

More information on Ceremony here: Ceremony More information on Refugee Artisan Initiatve partnership here: RAI

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