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Gyokuro Imperial

Pure Green Tea   |   Origin: Japan

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Tasting Notes

Subtle floral top note, oceanic umami mid-palate with long, lingering sweetness.


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Pure Green Tea
Tasting Notes:
Subtle floral top note, oceanic umami mid-palate with long, lingering sweetness.
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1 tsp | 2.5g
8 oz | 240 ml
175 F | 80 C
2 min
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Green tea
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Medium caffeine
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About This Tea

Japanese tea name: 玉露

Gyokuro or 'jade dew' is shade grown for more than 20 days to promote slow growth, increasing its chlorophyll and amino acid content to produce its highly coveted oceanic umami flavor. The dried leaf has a glossy sheen with a deep forest green hue. This is an amazing blend and years of collaborative partnership from producers located in Ujitawaramachi, Kyoto.

For its umami elixir taste experience, brew closer to Japanese brewing standards for an incomparable taste experience like no other.  1 Tablespoon | 6g tea : 140F | 60C : 6oz | 180ml  Brew 2.5 min.

Tea Instructions - Weight

1 tsp | 2.5g

Tea Instructions - Water

8 oz | 240 ml

Tea Instructions - Temperature

175 F | 80 C

Tea Instructions - Time

2 min

Green tea

Medium caffeine

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Product Reviews

2 Reviews  |  Write a Review

Blissful and Balanced

Rich, almost full-bodied, smooth taste with a sweet ending. Gyokuro Imperial has a beautiful and bright emerald green infusion. This elegant brew is a must-have for tea enthusiasts.

Cultivating an Experience

I bought this tea as a gift for a friend who wanted to learn more about teas. When it arrived we pulled up the website to read the tasting notes and brewed it in the more traditional Japanese style as recommended. It was such a great experience and now he drinks it almost everyday. He not only found it to be a thoughtful gift but it created a unique moment for us to share that was a lot of fun.

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