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Mỹ Thi Flowery Oolong

Pure Oolong Tea   |   Origin: Vietnam

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Tasting Notes

Floral lily top note, subtle creamy mid-palate with a sweet asian pear finish.

Pure Oolong Tea
Tasting Notes:
Floral lily top note, subtle creamy mid-palate with a sweet asian pear finish.
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1 tsp | 2.5 g
8 oz | 240 ml
205 F | 96 C
3 min
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Oolong tea
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Medium caffeine
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About This Tea

My Thi was my birth name in the hospital.  Although my birth mother gave me up for adoption, it is wonderful to know that she had given me a name which I didn't realize until 40 years later.  This tea evokes my hopes and dreams for elevating and bringing awareness to a country agriculturally and culturally rooted in tea history; yet little is known today due to historic events. 

I am very fortunate to have found a tea purveyor in Vietnam who's love and passion for tea is reflected on how they've built partnerships with family tea growers and nurtured the artisanal cultivation and production of high-grown Vietnamese teas.  This oolong is grown at 3,600 ft (1,100m) elevation in the northern region of Vietnam in Son La province. Young, tender Qinxing varietal leaves are sun-dried, shaken, rolled & dried up to 10 times to achieve this luminous, lightly oxidized, rolled green oolong. Floral fragrance of lily top notes and a sweet Asian pear finish is distinctive about this hidden tea gem.

Tea Instructions - Weight

1 tsp | 2.5 g

Tea Instructions - Water

8 oz | 240 ml

Tea Instructions - Temperature

205 F | 96 C

Tea Instructions - Time

3 min

Oolong tea

Medium caffeine

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Product Reviews

3 Reviews  |  Write a Review

This is a caffeine packed oolong tea - at least it is for me and my friend who drinks it in the morning, and with caution in the afternoon. We love it! It is so nice knowing Naoko takes great care in selecting her teas.

This tea is my husband's favorite.

Thank you Key To Teas for bringing to us the special blends of Oolong from Vietnam. I love the nuances and purity this tea provides. I have been drinking this tea for a few days now and cannot seem to get enough of it. Thank you!

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